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FAST SCALPER 2024 EA – Forex Mt4 Expert Advisor

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  • Any complaints regarding the lack of profits post-purchase will not be entertained, as we neither guarantee profits nor provide trading advice. We strictly offer no refunds based on such claims.

  • Cooperation is key. Should you encounter any issues, yet refrain from filing a claim and engage with us constructively, we will show our appreciation by offering a free product of your choice.

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  • Some products come with a custom DLL file that may be flagged by your antivirus. Disable your antivirus temporarily, download the file, and then whitelist it in your antivirus program to ensure proper functionality. No refunds will be provided if this process is not followed.

  • Note that some EAs or indicators may not be compatible with older Windows Server versions like 2012. They require newer versions such as 2019 or 2022 to function correctly. We will not issue refunds for complaints regarding incompatibility with outdated systems.

  • It is imperative to test the EA on a demo account before going live. The forex market is unpredictable, and immediate profits should not be expected. Trading involves days of both gains and losses. We do not offer refunds for losses incurred or if you fail to test and understand the product before using it live. Success in forex trading requires patience, risk management, and control over emotions. Our products provide substantial assistance, but the final outcome also depends on market timing, news events, and your trading strategy. Purchase only if you agree to these terms.

  • Read every term carefully before purchasing the EA, which is designed exclusively for the MT4 or MT5 platform (according to the description and title of each item).

These EAs are tools to automate your trading. They are suitable for traders at all levels, but we advise practicing with a demo account until you achieve consistency and confidence for live trading.


FAST SCALPER 2024 EA – New 2024 automatic robot


🌟  Overview:

  • Optimized for Specific Currency Pairs: Excellently tailored for EURUSD and GBPJPY.

  • Timeframe Compatibility: Designed for M1 timeframe, ensuring rapid and precise trading actions.

  • Account Suitability: Works best with ECN or zero spread accounts for maximum efficiency.

💡 Technical Specifications:


  • DAILY WITHDRAWALS: This robot is intended for use with daily withdrawals once it has generated a daily profit of 10% of the account balance. After reaching this target, please stop the robot, retain only your initial capital, and then re-enable autotrading. Do not operate it without supervision. This EA has the potential for very high daily returns, hence it also involves significant risk. It is your responsibility to manage and withdraw the funds wisely.

  • Customizable Risk Management: Risk percentage setting to align with individual trading strategies.

  • Dynamic Stop Loss Parameters: Includes Stop Loss, Max Stop Loss, and Min Stop Loss features for enhanced control.

  • Trail Feature: Includes Tral and Tral Start points for profit maximization.

  • Operational Timing Control: Set your trading start and end times for greater flexibility.

  • Strategic Order Placement: Utilizes Pips Step for precise order entries.

  • Unique Order Identification: With a Magic number of 20241 for easy tracking.

  • Visibility and Aesthetics: Customizable info display, text color, and background settings.

  • This EA cannot be backtested:  To evaluate its functionality, you should run it on a demo account first. Only consider transitioning to a real account once you are fully acquainted with its performance and mechanics.

🖥️ User Interface and Experience:

  • Graphical Information Display: Includes essential account and trade data for easy monitoring.

  • Customizable Labels and Colors: Enhance user experience with a personalized interface.

📈 Advanced Trading Functions:

  • Efficient Order Handling: The EA smartly manages buying and selling orders, trailing stops, and order modifications.

  • Profit Tracking: Incorporates functions for tracking profit per pair, daily profit, and more, keeping you updated on your trading performance.


Some trades:

Reception and Delivery of Your Product:

  • Upon purchase, the Expert Advisor (EA) will be delivered to you either via email or through a provided download link. After completing your purchase, please provide us with your email address so we can send you the EA or the download link.

  • For assistance with installing the EA on your MT4 platform, please refer to the included manual or guide. All necessary details and manuals are available in the provided download file.


Return Policy

Please Read Carefully

  • Purchasing an EA with the expectation that it will generate substantial profits is unrealistic and misleading.

  • Every EA can assist you to a certain degree, but proper analysis is essential before entering the real market.

  • We strongly encourage you to test the EA on a demo account for a period of days or even months, to build confidence in its use.

  • Returns are strictly not accepted for this product, as its performance greatly depends on your usage and trading experience.


  • We kindly ask you to refrain from leaving negative reviews. We are always here to assist you with any issues you may encounter with our product and hope for a 5-star rating from you. Please note that any purchased indicator or EA is strictly non-returnable.

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